Associate Prof Cindy Mak is a Sydney qualified and trained surgeon with a breast disease subspeciality. 

Cindy was born in Petaling Jaya Malaysia. At the age of 18, the family with the strength & guidance of her mum moved to Australia in 1991.  

“Mum is a big influence. She wanted to get us to Australia because we are Chinese and there was discrimination against us in terms of university places in Malaysia”

Cindy went on to study medicine at Sydney University & trained in UK before returning back to Sydney & is currently the Director of Breast Services at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (Camperdown). Amongst her many professional appointments Cindy is a member of the Australasian Society for Breast Disease, the ANZ Breast Cancer Trials Group, the Australian Medical Association and is an honorary scientific officer at The Garvan Institute.

Cindy is married with two children.